What I think of … taking care of his books

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Today I am going to speak to you about a subject a little taboo, sensitive and where there is nobody of agreement. I wanted to talk about how we treat our books. If you follow me on Instagram you must have seen some pictures or I put my books in the snow, or I tear the pages of a book. And some will tell me all that for a photo …

I think that the relationship we have with our books depends on us and only looks at us. If you ever want to take all your books tomorrow and burn or trample on them, it’s all about you. I’m not going to tell you that it’s wrong to do that. I have already burned a book to see what it does and I’m still here! (Do not throw me a stone but it’s great to burn things, do not worry, I’m not a pyromaniac)

I admit that I loved tearing the pages of my books, after I put paint, I also wrote on it, draw and I find it really great fun. I find that it is a form of relaxation , it is not necessarily for the photos that I do that but especially because it amuses me! I have a lot of creativity, I like to do things with my hands even if it’s ugly I think it’s super cool.

And so when I had the idea to do this series of photos I was really super happy at the idea of ​​tearing my books a bit of abuse, it made me happy so I do not see why I would deprive myself of tear them up a bit. I do not think anyone will want you if you ever mistreat a little your e delivered, if you write it to take notes if you step on it or what not.

There are some people who are quite rigid on these points to take care of their book and pay attention to it . In my case I pay attention to some books that are dear to me, for example I do not see me tear Hunger games because I want to do cool things with my photos. I preferred to rip Alive that I had never finished that I did not like at all and that in addition had the pages that tore itself.

I think that everyone does what he wants with his books and that one should not judge a person who damages his books voluntarily or involuntarily. These are just material things and as long as you do not come to your library to destroy all your books you can breathe. And conversely for people who can not fold a page of their book, break the slice of their book or write in their book. Everyone has a different relationship with the book and that’s fine.

At the beginning when I was ten years old, I did not care I folded my books I took them everywhere with me, it was like comforters. They still have folded page marks, mud, water or whatever. And I know that these books I love because they followed me wherever I went and that he tells a part of my life with their brand at the same time as the story.

Then I started buying bookmarks mainly because it’s beautiful, and I paid more and more attention to my books especially because now it’s me who pays them and it’s still expensive . However it happens to me when I’m in the subway not to have marks pages and hop I fold my page to the side or I send a message to a friend to call me back but it is not systematic.

In short may be that today you take care of some of your books and that others are marked but it does not change the person you are. Do not forget that the key is to read!