How much does the shopping basket cost in the main cities of the world?

How much does the shopping basket cost in the main cities of the world?

The shopping basket is one of the most important expenses we have in our domestic economy. What we spend every week to eat, depends in many cases on the supermarket where we buy and the city where we live.

Therefore, being able to have an approximate figure of how much the shopping basket costs is one of the main challenges that all families face when calculating their monthly expenses and saving them as much as possible.

We tell you how much it costs to make the purchase in Spain and in other cities around the world and we give you all the keys so that you spend the minimum in the supermarket.

The importance of the shopping basket in the family economy

Waking up every day , grooming, having breakfast and carrying out a normal life , entails many daily expenses that can not be avoided . Eating and drinking are concepts that suppose a great cost in the family economy.

On average, each member of a Spanish family spends around 300 euros a month on food and cleaning products alone . Therefore, the more members the family has, this cost will be increased and will become more important when it comes to being assumed by the head of the family.

In this sense, a family with two children , for example, that in addition to the expenses for the shopping basket have to respond to other expenses also unavoidable such as education, leisure, clothing for children, school supplies, toys, etc. You can make an annual disbursement equivalent to the price of a car.

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Average cost of the shopping basket in Spain by Autonomous Communities

Living in an Autonomous Community or another is very different not only in terms of services offered, jobs that can be accessed, but also in the cost of living and the purchases we make. In this sense, Galicians are the ones who spend most of the shopping cart, about 375 euros per month . By contrast, the Autonomous Community that has the cheapest shopping basket is La Rioja, with 312 euros per month.

A fact to note is that Madrid , is the fifth cheapest community in spending the shopping basket with € 330.

Average monthly expenditure of each CCAA

Autonomous community Spending
monthly average
The Rioja € 312
Estremadura € 314
€ 324
Andalusia € 327
Madrid € 330
Balearics € 333
The Stain
€ 335
Cantabria € 336
Castilla y
€ 339
Murcia € 342
Asturias € 358
Navarre € 360
Aragon € 361
Basque Country € 368
Catalonia € 370
Galicia € 375

Source: Balance of the consultancy Kantar Worldpanel on 2016

Not only the change of the Autonomous Community may mean a higher or lower cost of the shopping cart, but within the same city there may be differences in terms of supermarkets. In this sense, buying in a supermarket or another can mean savings of up to 933 euros per year and even almost 3,000 euros in the case of Madrid , according to a study prepared by the OCU. This fact makes a decision about which establishment to go to make the purchase, is increasingly important for families and study it with great determination.

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Comparison between the cost of the shopping basket in several cities of the world

By countries, Spain , with the exception of Portugal, is one of the countries in the European Union where the shopping basket is cheaper , about € 340 per month on average. Even in countries with lower salaries, such as Greece and Cyprus , filling the refrigerator costs more than in our country.

However, these differences can be much greater if we make this comparison based on different cities in the world . In this sense, shopping in Madrid can be quite economical if compared to cities such as Seoul, New York and Zurich , since the average monthly expenditure in Madrid is € 283 , just half of the three cities mentioned above, which they have a minimum expenditure of about € 560.

By contrast, the cities where it is cheaper to go to the supermarket, with a monthly expenditure of less than € 223 would be Kiev, Sofia and Bucharest.

If you want to know how much you can spend if you go at least a month to some of these cities, do not miss the following ranking :

Ranking of the 10 cheapest cities Ranking of the 10 most expensive cities
City Monthly expenditure City Monthly expenditure
Kiev € 149.26 Zurich € 663.59
Sofia 192.42 Seoul 618.63
Bucharest € 222.99 New York City € 568.27
Prague € 225.69 Geneva € 560.18
Mumbai € 227.49 Chicago € 526.91
Riga 227.49 Miami € 524.21
Warsaw € 227.49 Tokyo € 523.32
Bogotá € 259.86 London € 510.73
Budapest € 259.86 Sydney € 486.45
Lisbon 268.85 Oslo € 481.95

Source: Ennaranja. Data 2015

Tips to save in the shopping cart

Once we already know the costs of the shopping basket both in Spain and in the main cities of the world, it is time to know what to do to save when doing it. In this sense, the most effective way to save in the shopping basket is to buy in the most economical supermarkets .

If we take into account the amount of money that goes out of pocket every time we go to the supermarket and how much we could save , it is worth doing some previous tasks and follow some guidelines that help us not spend so much every time we have to do the purchase. Before leaving home, think about what you need and avoid making the typical mistakes in the supermarket . Organize, compare and calculate.

Follow these tricks and learn to make the purchase without spending more:

  • Review your pantry weekly and use all products before they expire. When you have everything neat, you will see right away what you should buy.
  • Plan the menus for each week. Your health will also benefit.
  • Make the shopping list . It is essential to buy only what we need for our weekly menu. Otherwise, you can fall into the trap of buying some unnecessary whim.
  • Do not forget the basic products such as rice, pasta, oil or preserves. They do not spoil, they provide good nutrients and they always allow you to prepare different dishes, with which you did not count, last minute.
  • Compare the prices of each product using online supermarket comparisons . Investing a few minutes in this task can save you a lot of money per month. In addition, you can make the purchase online and save time and gasoline .
  • At this moment, seeing what you need, pointed everything in the list, and having already calculated how much this week’s purchase will cost you , do not exceed this budget!

Once at the supermarket, do not be fooled by your stomach and stay firm with offers that you think are unique.

  • Make the purchase with a full stomach .
  • Do not walk through greedy aisles that make you fall into temptation.
  • Buy seasonal products and white label although they have more attractive formats of popular brands.
  • Buy in bulk instead of taking trays that are more expensive and that probably carry more products than you need and can end up spoiling. Once again, compare.
  • Study well the offers you find . Many times, with offers of 3 × 2 or second unit at 40%, you spend more than you save.
  • Make the purchase in hours that do not have many people , since you’ll have to queue at the box and you can end up buying that whim you’ve been avoiding throughout the purchase.
  • Finally, when paying, use discount coupons and loyalty cards with which you earn points and offer offers.

At home, check that the entire purchase is fine and order it behind the products you already had, so you will consume these before and they will not expire.

In short, the shopping basket is an inevitable expense with which, better or worse, all families struggle. How do you organize yourself to save as much as possible by going to the supermarket? If you have more tricks besides these, tell us!