Financing without interest to advance Christmas shopping

Financing without interest to advance Christmas shopping

How many years have we been leaving Christmas shopping for the end and have we finished them on the last day? The worst of that situation are the rush and stress that we went through to think of the best gift at the last moment. Maybe it’s time to change strategy . Last year Spaniards spent more than 350 euros on average in Christmas gifts, according to a study carried out by the Cetelem Observatory. So why not ask for interest-free financing to anticipate and save us all those annoying and long queues.

The best credit options without interest

The financial sector is very developed in our country and more and more companies offer loans without interest to their clients. This small plus liquidity can come very well for specific situations such as Christmas shopping. Advance these annual expenses will help us have a better control of our available money for the rest of the expenses that Christmas holidays bring.

The simplest option of financing without interest to cover the cost of all the Christmas gifts and caprices is a free mini-credit . With them we can cover any type of economic emergency in an easy way, since its processing is 100% online and without complications. Thanks to new technologies, the money will arrive in a matter of minutes , so that we can start shopping from the same day we decide which loan to request.

Another alternative, if we plan to spend more money on purchases, is the credit card. According to a study by the Deloitte company, specialized in financial advice, in Spain we will spend an average of 682 euros during the Christmas holidays . With credit card we can get that financing without additional interest if we choose the option of full payment. In addition, we will not need to change banks and we will have discounts of up to 50% in some establishments.

Beware of the characteristics of each loan

The offers of the sector are as varied as the profiles of their clients. Companies adjust the terms of their loans to meet the needs of their borrowers. Therefore, the range of possibilities we face is so wide. And it is certainly good news, as it will be more likely that we will find an offer that fits our particular situations .

Now, we must be careful when choosing a loan method because sometimes the fine print of contracts can play a trick on us . The quality of these methods of financing without interest is that we can use them as a way to get money fast and without paperwork , but we must take into account the requirements we must meet to access them. They are usually very simple, such as a minimum age, living in Spain or not having outstanding debts .

But the decision to contract financing can not be taken lightly , but we must be sure that we can return the agreed amount within the established deadlines. In case of not making the refund properly, we will be charged a high percentage of commission , in addition to another such as the claim.

In this sense, credit cards give us a little more calm , since the repayment term is usually longer and, in fact, we can choose to do it fractionally. Being higher amounts of money, compared to fast loans, give us more time to make the refund. It is important to know that, if we do not amortize any of these debts in the corresponding payments, they will cease to be free.

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