Eight tips to succeed in Amazon on Black Friday

Eight tips to succeed in Amazon on Black Friday

Black FridayFriday, November 24 is Black Friday and we do not need to remind you that it is an excellent opportunity to save a lot of money on your Christmas shopping. One of the reference websites in our country that day will be Amazon Spain. From 00.01 on Thursday night until 23:59, Amazon is going to smoke .

The special Black Friday that Amazon will offer will allow you to find offers in all categories, such as Electronics, Computers, Home, Kitchen, Clothing, Sports, Videogames, PC, DIY, Baby, Toys, Office and Stationery, Books, Music and much more.

Here are eight tips to succeed in Amazon on Black Friday and not miss a single offer:

  1. Become an Amazon Prime customer. It’s fundamental. Prime customers will have priority access to Amazon offers and can also benefit from free shipping. Also, if you live in Madrid or Barcelona you can enjoy shipments in one or two hours in a selection of Prime Now articles.
  2. If you have not purchased at Amazon for some time, check your account information , especially the shipping address and bank details (check that your card is not expired). We do not want surprises right at the time of purchase!
  3. Put an alert on your mobile . At 00.01 hours on Thursday it is certain that Amazon will publish some of its most attractive offers. It is important that you do not arrive late for the appointment.
  4. Pay special attention to flash offers . They are offers that will be activated every 5 minutes and will have a maximum duration of six hours or until stocks last.
  5. Do not lose sight of the offers of the day either . These offers will be available throughout the day but you have to be very careful so you do not miss any.
  6. Make yourself a “wish list” before Black Friday. Thus, on November 24 you can take a look at it from time to time and check if the price of the products that make it fall. It is the most effective way to not lose sight of your most desired items.
  7. Use the “Follow this offer” option in the Amazon app. This will allow you to receive a notification on the mobile when the product goes on sale.
  8. If the product you want to buy has run out, sign up for the waiting list . On this crazy shopping day it is possible that some buyer will regret and cancel your purchase, so you will have priority access to the product.

To finish, let’s make a common sense cry: do not buy compulsively and make smart purchases . If you were not planning to buy a laptop, no matter how much your price has been reduced 400 euros, you still do not need that laptop.

Keep your mind cold and do not lose your common sense before the thousands of irresistible offers that you will have before you on Black Friday. Needless to say, if you need interest-free financing, we at Vivus are here to help!