Tesla lands in Spain with new website and new cars

Tesla lands in Spain with new website and new cars

Tesla is already officially in Spain . The North American company launches web in Spanish and already offers its two top car models in our country. After the official announcement of the election of Barcelona as its Spanish headquarters and the forecast of its disembarkation with the hiring of personnel for 2017, the manufacturer of electric cars and batteries takes another step forward in the construction of its structure, which will operate throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

With its line of cars already adapted according to Elon Musk, founder of the company, at level five of autonomy (they do not require human interaction to circulate), Tesla goes in Spain ahead of the legislation , which still does not contemplate any regulation for cars completely autonomous. The company also plans to open its first stores and service centers in Madrid and Barcelona during the second half of 2017.

On its new website, and as the company itself has informed, its two premium line vehicles, the Model S and the Model X, are already being offered in Spain. The cheapest, the Model 3, could already be booked from Spain , although the large volume of orders (despite the construction of its gigafactoría) has caused that the first models are still going to take time to deliver, and those who are in charge now will not be ready to deliver until 2018.

One of Tesla’s major bets for Spain, its supply of batteries for energy self-consumption in homes , is also available. For an exit price of around 6,000 euros, and with a purchase system from the website itself, the company offers its Powerwall, which will begin to be installed from the summer of 2017, with the problem of legislation flying over your technology Industry plans to create a tax that taxes systems such as Tesla, which store and supply energy to homes.

Although sources of the company already assured 20MINUTOS.ES that they would not work at the expense of regulations , Tesla sees Spain as an ideal market to implement more batteries than its cars, given its good weather and many hours of sunshine . Now, resolved the doubt of the formation of a government (to which the company looked askance), Tesla will have to wait to see how the legislation adapts to their systems.

Autonomous cars

The new models that Tesla offers in Spain (already available in other countries) can be configured, designed and commissioned directly from the website . The Model S is a sporty saloon that accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.7 seconds, and can be purchased with batteries ranging from 408 kilometers of autonomy to 613 kilometers (this model, the P100D, has a price of exit of 154,500 euros, which with extras can exceed 180,000 ).

Model X batteries range from 417 to 542 kilometers of autonomy (also for the P100D version), accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.1 seconds and its maximum speed, as for the Model S, is 250 kilometers per hour. In both cases, according to the company announces on its website, purchasing one of its models implies an estimated saving of around 6,000 euros in fuel during the first five years of the car’s life.

In addition, Tesla also offers a driving test (only for those over 25 years of age ) with which to be able to get behind the wheel of a Model S or a Model X – it is not available for the Model 3-. With its new website for Spain, a network of chargers that expands and extends (there are already seven stations with 36 charging points and more than 50 charging points in destinations) and its own structure, the company sits on Spanish soil and begins to operate.

5 websites to exchange our house and save on vacations

5 websites to exchange our house and save on vacations

Swap house on vacation

Few readers will deny that the Internet has completely revolutionized the way we buy and consume. Thanks to the network, everything (or almost everything) is a little cheaper than before. This also happens in the travel sector. For this reason, to the question, what hotel are you going to host this holiday? Your answer should be: in none, I’m going to exchange my house to save on vacations .

If you are attracted by the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlending your house to an unknown traveler, who in turn will lend you theirs so that both of you will save a good peak in hotels, congratulations! You are a good saver to whom we will show five websites that will allow us to exchange our house very easily :

  1. Aibnb. They were the pioneers in this business. Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, California, its website has more than one million ads across its 34,000 cities in 190 countries. The website also offers the possibility of renting only part of our house (rooms, living rooms, beds …) instead of the whole house, so it is ideal to get extra money.
  2. HouseTrip. It is another of the giants of the sector. It has in its catalog 360,000 homes in 20,000 destinations and boast that only last year 25 million Europeans preferred a vacation rental to a hotel room. Its operation: we choose the house that we like and we contact its owner to make an exchange. If we agree, the reservation is made and paid upon arrival at destination.
  3. Home for Exchange. If you want to make the exchange very, very formal, this is your place. You register your house, you look at the advertisements, you contact the owner of the house you are interested in and, if you agree to the exchange, an official contract is signed, in addition to other clauses and insurance.
  4. Only-Apartments. They work for both professionals and individuals. Although at first they focused their business only in European cities, they later spread to the whole world (106 countries in total with 30,000 apartments). It is ideal if you are looking for beach destinations. One of its distinctive signs is that it allows you to book without waiting for the owner’s response.
  5. ExchangeCases. With more than 65,000 registered homes in 150 countries, this website has a very simple operation and no hidden costs: you pay a fee of 130 euros a year and in exchange you can make as many exchanges as you wish. From here, you search for your destination, talk to the tenants and make the exchange.

As you can see, you have no excuse to save money on your holidays with this original form. In addition, you will meet the world and new people. Do you dare to try it this summer?

5 websites where to sell clothes that you no longer need

5 websites where to sell clothes that you no longer need

Recognize, you have a lot of clothes in the closet that you will never wear again. That woolen sweater that your grandmother gave you so fondly or that totally old-fashioned bell-shaped trousers will never shine on your body again. So why keep it occupying space and accumulating dust? The past economic crisis sharpened the ingenuity of millions of people and forever changed the habits of consumption and savings of the Spanish. In this context, second-hand platforms proliferated like mushrooms and led to the birth of websites that allow buying and selling second-hand clothes with very little effort.

Are you ready to earn extra money with the clothes that you no longer use?

We recommend five websites that will be of great help to sell second hand clothes


Undoubtedly, eBay is the reference website in which to find any second-hand product. The largest buying and selling center on the internet brings together buyers and sellers in one place to exchange all kinds of items.

Of course, clothes are no exception. The “clothing, footwear and accessories” section of eBay is very broad and receives millions of visits every day, so either through the direct sales option or through an auction, you can sell clothes in the blink of an eye. eyes


Chicfy defines himself as “the paradise where the chic chic girls and boys buy and sell fashion” . Of Malaga origin, the web boasts having taken more than ten million garments out of the lockers of its salespeople.

Its operation is, at least, original: Chicfy connects you with people with your same style and allows you to buy and sell clothes. There are more than a million different sellers and each of them manages its own store, so that the platform only ensures that the purchase and shipments are safe.


Do you have your wardrobe full of brands like Zara, Mango, Bershka, Springfield, Desigual, Massimo Dutti, Adolfo Dominguez or Atmosphere? If the answer is affirmative, Micolet is your site. Web only for girls that is responsible for giving a second life to clothes that are almost new (or even unused).

Yes, go to the queue to sell because they only accept clothes periodically (maximum 20,000 garments a month) and this has to be in very good condition.


We could define Segundalia as the Booking of second-hand clothing stores. Not in vain, it is they who, working like a search engine, are in charge of finding the best online stores for you. Obviously, the work of intermediation takes a commission, so if you sell clothes to the web 42% of the profit of the future sale is the platform.

In your favor the fact that they are the ones who take care of the cumbersome work of photographing the garments, write the descriptions, make the shipments and manage the returns.


We could not finish the list without talking about the popular mobile application Wallapop, which now also allows chatting between buyers and sellers from their website. With a good ad and good photographs, your clothes will fly from your closet to your buyer’s closet in a few clicks.

In the case of Wallapop, the fact of being able to make the delivery in hand brings confidence to the buyers, since they will be able to check the condition of the garment before paying it.