A man arrested for cheating more than 35,000 euros in online sales platforms

A man arrested for cheating more than 35,000 euros in online sales platforms

The National Police has arrested in Benidorm a man of 39 years of age as alleged author of scams in different parts of the Spanish geography for a value of more than 35,000 euros, through fraudulent sales in platforms of purchase of objects online, as reported the Headquarters in a statement.

The investigation was carried out by agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Police Station of Benidorm, specifically of the group of technological crimes, who through a complaint filed by one of their victims, followed the trail of the alleged fraudster until they managed to perpetrate their arrest .

The detainee had created several profiles in different online platforms for buying and selling products and had five bank accounts. He was arrested in Benidorm on July 26, accused of a continuing crime of fraud.

The alleged crook hung all kinds of objects, particularly electronic material at a price below its value to quickly capture their victims. Once the buyer was interested in the article for sale, the detainee gave him indications of the bank account or application that he had to use to make the payment, although, instead of delivering the object purchased as agreed, he appropriated the money.

As reported by the police, the detainee was committing these crimes on a regular basis for about six months, until he was discovered by the National Police and detained by agents of the Police Station of Benidorm.

The investigation has so far recorded six scams committed by the detainee in the cities of Madrid, Pamplona, ​​Santiago de Compostela and Bilbao.

3 out of 4 Spaniards use online discounts for leisure plans

Who does not like to enjoy the activities that they love at a cheaper price? Why pay more to do the same things for less money?

The world of technology, internet and online shopping and sales has followers and detractors equally. But there is something in which the third part of the Spanish population coincides: online discounts .

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3 out of 4 Spaniards regularly use an online discount for their leisure plans

And is that based on the results of a study carried out by LetsBonus , one of the most famous page of leisure bonuses and discounts in Spain, three out of four Spaniards (74%) usually use an online discount for their activities. favorite leisure. Go to the movies, to dinner, enjoy a play or a good musical. There are for all kinds of tastes. With these online discounts you can spend an exciting concert night or relax in the waters of a spa, among many other activities.


Almost 8 out of 10 Spaniards compare the same plan in different discount websites

This study, called “The leisure habits of the Spanish”, also ensures that once we have browsed through discount websites looking for the one that appeals to us, we are left with one or two plans and immediately compare it with other pages that offer similar services. In this way we look for the offer that best suits our desires and needs, and often we investigate until we find the same plan at different prices on two different pages.
The data that throw light on this matter specify that almost eight out of ten Spaniards, that is to say 78%, compare the same plan in other web pages.
And not only do young people seek to save money, in fact the study reports that 61% of people over 65 carry out their searches on the Internet in order to find the same activity at a lower price.


5 out of 10, half, look for offers and discounts online every day

And … When did we venture to investigate the world of the internet to look for discounts of leisure plans?

According to “The leisure habits of the Spanish” half of the population of Spain, 53% of respondents, insure visit websites discount but all almost every day. 35% seek these discount vouchers once or twice a week and only 3% do so monthly.

And finally, 8% of Spanish citizens go to these promotional websites on an eventual basis, when they are looking for some kind of specific plan at a good price.


How do we get to the online discount pages?

According to the LetsBonus study we go to friends, relatives or acquaintances before consulting this type of web pages. As well as the websites of leisure, where we usually seek opinions from customers who have already enjoyed the service.
In case of doubt we usually make prior consultations to people in our environment or visit other pages.

63% of Spaniards follow the advice of their friends or relatives . However, not all are satisfied with these recommendations, so 61% seek opinions from regular users of leisure websites.

Social Networks , like the great revolutionaries of the 21st century, are an inexhaustible source of information. Thus, 43% of web browsers consult Twitter or Facebook to find out about these discounts, while 18% take a look at the agenda section of traditional media.

Forums (10%) and blogs (8%) are not so consulted by respondents to seek information.


Is there a difference between genres in this type of web queries?

2 out of 3 women consider the advice or recommendations of friends more reliable. And in the case of men, 2 out of 3 rely more on the information of their own leisure websites.

The study also confirms what we could already guess after the data obtained: Internet is the main means used by Spaniards to do their leisure shopping.

2 out of 3 Spaniards (66%) seek their leisure plans on the Internet and make their reservations with their technological devices.

2 out of 3 Spaniards assure that the absence of money is the main problem.

But although the crisis and lack of money is what drives us to look for these bargains or discounts there is something that we value above all; the ease of purchase, that is, comfort. For this reason, two out of every three Spaniards (66%) seek leisure plans through internet search engines and make the reservation of the service by the same means , that is, through their mobile device, computer or tablet.
Only 6% of the people who made this survey look for the information on web pages but then go to the physical store to make the purchase.

Finally, 25% of respondents use their Smartphone to obtain information about leisure plans, but then they assure that they go to a computer to formalize their purchase.

Uncommonly, on the contrary, 6% claim to search the information on the computer and then make the purchase through their mobile phone or tablet.

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