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Can you get a loan if you are on the blacklist?

Can you get a loan if you are on the blacklist? Are you wondering? The answer is yes, and here you can read how you do that! There are more people who walk around with this question. There are many people who are listed on the blacklist and are told by the bank that they […]

Mini-loan Belgium

Does a mini-loan seem like a good way for you to finance that extra this month? Or are you red and do you want to solve this? That’s how you arrange it! A mini-loan Belgium can come in handy in different situations. With a mini-loan Belgium, getting money quickly is not that difficult. In a […]

Mini-loan without BKR assessment

A mini-loan without BKR testing is no problem when you borrow with a fast internet loan. Online mini loan providers do not do BKR testing! Are you short of money this month? Do you want to make an online purchase for which you currently have no money? Does the car have to be repaired suddenly? […]

Mini loan without payslip

Are you without work and is a mini loan without payroll therefore interesting for you? Borrowing money via the Internet is arranged faster than you think! Many people abandon a regular loan because of strict conditions, requirements and credit checks. Certainly, if you do not have a fixed income, you will be rejected by regular […]