Amazon boss: “I am very proud of our wages”

Tech giant Amazon boss: “I’m very proud of our wages”

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The fact that employees of tech companies are usually not starvation, was once again clear when looking at the annual balance sheet of Jeff Bezos. The founder and boss of the online giant Amazon 2017 painted almost exactly $ 7,720 – not per year, but per minute. The truth now is that the number in addition to Bezos’ salary also includes his capital gains, that the manager has to endure nearly half a week the abuse of the US President, and that he – unlike most of his subordinates – not the cartons, but the responsibility , He does not have it easy, and yet: 19.3 billion dollars a year or 36 720 per minute are not so bad.

The number is also interesting because Bezos’ group is one of the big US companies that now had to disclose what they pay their employees on average because of a law from the Obama era. The median annual earnings at Amazon is therefore exactly 28 446 dollars. This means that one half of the employees go home with a salary above this number, the other half with a salary below. So, in simple terms, Bezos receives about 1.3 times more per minute than what a packer or forklift driver works out every year.

Although stockbrokers Amazon rank alongside Facebook, Netflix and Google among the four major US tech companies, short FANG, employees have so little in common with those colleagues who play beach volleyball on the campus-like premises in Silicon Valley beach volleyball, feed kale chips and get a massage. Instead, they pack packages, carton boxes on pallets, and walk sore through huge storage warehouses. Translated into money: Twitter pays a median salary of 161,860, and Facebook pays 240,430 dollars. That is the eighth and a half times what is usual on Amazon.

Amazingly, however, even if one classifies Amazon instead of the tech companies under the parcel services, the group can not compete with the competition. At UPS, for example, the median salary of $ 53,440 is almost twice as high. Bezos defends that the figures of his company include the salaries of employees from more than 50 countries and part-time workers. Amazon also created more than 130,000 jobs in 2017 alone. This is indeed more than the total workforce of Google Mother Alphabet.

Despite the sometimes modest salaries, Amazon in the US before applications can hardly save. Even in Germany, the company has no problems finding employees – even though management refuses to cooperate with trade unions and refuses to pay workers under the collective agreement of the retail and mail order companies.