25 Spanish websites that will save you (a lot) money

25 Spanish websites that will save you (a lot) money

Internet savings do not remain in electronic commerce, thanks to the proliferation of businesses that do not need a physical store, too personal, a specific warehouse, etc. But the thing has not stopped there, as more and more technological sectors, in one way or another, help users to save a good pinch at the end of the month.

Beyond the websites known to all and the foreign platforms that succeed worldwide, Spain also has a large number of portals – many of them unknown to the general public – with a very clear objective: that users save (much ) money or we even get to earn it.



These are, in our opinion, the 25 best :

Beyond the typical portals (Milanuncios, Segundamano …), Spain has several websites that allow you to save money with the things that you bought at the time and now you almost do not use:

1.- Wallapop. The current king. Wallapop has long since become the best application for the mobile market for the sale of second-hand goods, and its future now not only points to Spain, but also to the United States.

2.- LetGo. If Wallapop is king, LetGo is the aspirant who wants to steal part of the pie. And it does not seem that it will be easy, but the 100 million dollars of initial capital with which this company was born last year make it a good alternative for users.

3.- Percentile. In Wallapop and LetGo you can buy and sell almost anything, but if your needs are reduced to almost new clothes for women or young children , surely you will be interested in Percentil. If you did not know, you should know that it is a more than consolidated portal and that this year it plans to create 130 jobs (50 of them in Spain).

4.- Relendo. Here we introduce a thematic novelty: you may not dare to sell what you almost never use in case you need it again; or, on the other hand, maybe you have been wanting to buy a certain product for some time, but you do not dare because you do not think you’re going to use it that much. Whatever the case, how about you rent it? 

5.- Amovens. Surely you know Blablacar as the standard to share a car , but if you are curious and want to bet on a Spanish app, take a look at Amovens. It works in a very similar way to Blablacar, but with two added values: on the one hand, that does not charge commission to users; On the other, it also allows you to rent cars.

6.- Bluemove. That second functionality of Amovens is precisely what Bluemove is taking advantage of: renting a car for specific moments and, in this way, avoiding having to buy one. At the moment, Bluemove works in Madrid and Seville.

7.- SocialCar. This app is a perfect hybrid between the two previous ones, since it allows the rental of cars between individuals . In this way, both win: on the one hand, the one with the car almost unused; on the other, the one who needs a cheap car at any given time.

8.- Gas stations Spain. If you usually travel with the car and you are tired of having to look for the cheapest gas stations, this app can be very helpful. Once you are on the road, the app detects your location on the map and tells you the cheapest gas stations that you have near you.

9.- Groupalia / Offerum / Ofertix. They are three large e-commerce and, recently, they walk under the umbrella of the same company. Groupalia, Offerum and Ofertix are three good options to get discount coupons on your purchases.

10.- LetsBonus. Same sector: if you want to get a good offer or a discount coupon in all kinds of leisure, travel or beauty plans, LetsBonus will make your pocket notice at the end of the month.

11.- Privalia. Another veteran: perhaps the best of Privalia is that it focuses on the outlet market (off-season products), which presumes to save you up to 70% on the original cost.

12.- Opportunist. Another option: Opportunist also puts at your disposal numerous discounts that will make you spend money without hurting you so much.

13.- The Fork. The case of El Tenedor is something different. And first of all it is a service to make reservations in restaurants , but daily also usually have many special offers to eat cheaper.

14.- Shoppyo. Do you know the group or collective purchases? In Spain they are not as widespread as in other countries, but beware: if you manage to make a purchase of several identical products with many more people , the money savings can be more than substantial.

15.- Klikin. If you usually do a lot of shopping, it is likely that you are interested in one of the many portals and loyalty apps in Spain. One of them is Klikin, an app that allows you to accumulate points with your purchases to, in the end, get all kinds of discounts.

16.- Fidelizoo. In the same sector of Klikin is Fidelizoo, another application that makes payments with your mobile or card can end up bringing you discounts or all kinds of gifts from brands.

17.- Cicerone Club. If the idea of ​​loyalty and discounts attracts you but you move, so to speak, to higher levels, try Cicerone Club, a loyalty program that allows you to get discounts at several of the most exclusive restaurants.

18.- Remember it. If you have been in countries where bargaining is frequent in purchases, you may have thought that would be impossible in Spain. In that case, take a look at Acuérdalo and, at the very least, get a better price for the product you want to buy.

19.- Beruby. Do you know the phenomenon of ‘ cash back ‘? These are stores that give you back some of your money . Yes, as you read it: they give you back money. It is a growing practice (although still uncommon) among companies that take a commission of what you pay for a product (credit card, intermediary website, etc).

In this case, what the company that takes the commission, in this case Beruby, is to return part of that money (when you have accumulated enough with several purchases, will not be worth only one).

20.- Soysuper. Another interesting service, in this case in the supermarket sector. If you’re sick of having to go to several supermarkets to alternate the best prices or leave you a fortune to go only one, take a look at Soysuper. This Spanish website allows you not only to buy the prices of identical products in several supermarkets, but also to complete the purchase process from your mobile or computer.

21.- Waynabox. This idea sure you find interesting: can you imagine spending a weekend for two people in a European city for just 150 euros with transportation and accommodation paid? Well that’s just what Waynabox brings you. Of course, you need to have an adventurous spirit, since you will not know to which city you will go until two days before takeoff. The good thing is that there are up to 18 different cities and you can discard those that, from the start, do not interest you.

22.- ByHours. If you usually travel for work reasons, I’m sure that many times you’ve thought about the following: why do I have to pay a whole day of hotel if I’m just going to be a few hours? If that is your case, you are interested in this portal where you can get a room for a limited number of hours and, of course, at a much lower price.

23.- BeMate. If you know Airbnb, you are probably interested in discovering BeMate, a Spanish platform that allows you to book and rent tourist apartments and pay much less than in a hotel. In addition, being a website of the hotel chain Room Mate , if you wish you can also access several of its services.

24.- Fintonic. If you are one of those who is simply unable to efficiently manage the money you have, you are probably interested in trying some of the many platforms that help you do it. The best known is Fintonic, which allows you to organize all your accounts , establish budgets, keep track of expenses, unify several bank accounts, etc.

25.- Whallet. If you have been interested in what Fintonic does, also take a look at Whallet, another Spanish app that, in the same way, also allows you to effectively manage the money in your bank account to organize yourself better or, simply, not to take you unpleasant scares at the end of month.